Saturday, July 29, 2006

Live at Antone's

Wednesday night Antone's was rocking with a standing room only crowd. Headliner was Junior Brown who proved all over again that he can smoke a guitar. The first set lasted about an hour and a quarter and ended with a rendition of Roll Over Beethoven that simply brought the house down! If Chuck Berry had stuck his head in the door halfway through that number he would have shit his pants, then headed home and put his guitar on eBay.

The second set began with only a five minute break and this is where the fun really started! Junior Brown was joined onstage by Jimmy Vaughn and Redd Volkaert. Junior took up position on drums while Jimmy and Redd traded licks on Junior's guitar. Finally settled into the perfect combination with Jimmy on vocals, Redd on Guitar, and Junior on drums.

One final note, Redd Volkaert plays the Continental Club on Saturday afternoons at 3:00 - no cover.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Keep Austin Weird

This is our new home away from home as seen from Barton Springs Road on the south side of Town Lake. The RV Park as been here since 1946 which is what, I think, gives it such a unique character. There is no way something like this could happen today with land prices being what they are. When I said in an earlier post that this was a special place, I meant that I really don't think there is another similar park anywhere. We have been RV'ing for a long time and have never seen one anyway.

We have already had a chance to meet a fair number of the people who live here. Many are retired, like ourselves. There are a surprising number who go to work every day. I say surprising because we are used to meeting more retirees in normal RV Parks. We even have an actor living here in the park. Actually, there are probably plenty of aspiring actors here with Zachary Scott Theater a block away but, one well known thespian is Matthew McConaughey, who has lived here for several years.

To the right is the view down our street from the park entrance on Barton Springs Road. See the back of the blue VW Beetle on the left side of the street? That is our place just past our bug. As you can see, it is the second best space in the park, if convenient access to the dumpster is an important consideration to you.

One more photo post today then I am going to publish this entry and call it a day. I titled this "Keep Austin Weird" so here is today's entry in that category. On our walk this morning, we headed west down Barton Springs Road to get on the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail just a couple of blocks down Barton Springs. I took this photo as we passed the Chuy's restaurant which is three doors down from Pecan Grove. Notice the laundry on the roof. Keeping Austin Weird is more than just a slogan, it is an obsession!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

A word from Peggy

I guess I better get in on all the fun too. I must say, when we pulled up in front of the office at Pecan Grove Tuesday afternoon, I never really thought the manager was going to say, "I have a space for you and was about to look up your file." I felt like I had won the lottery .....well maybe not quite that good but close! He wouldn't take a credit card, I didn't have the check book and he said, "Don't worry you can pay me tomorrow." Ha! No way was I going to leave there without paying him something....I didn't even have my rings on for him to hold....I did think about the title to the truck though. ; -) But, Lloyd and I had fortunately cashed a check the day before and payed him in cash. (I was so excited about getting a spot I forgot we had cash.) YEA! We were IN! This place is like an enchanted forrest with all the tall pecan trees. Pictures are coming soon.

Next day we got here in the late afternoon, just in time for the sun to reach 150 in the shade felt that hot anyway. Got the trailer all hooked up, flipped the switch for the air conditioner and air! It felt goo0000ooood!!!!

Since we didn't have any food in the place we ate out. That was a fantastic chicken sandwich and I recommend it to you as well. The Austin Java Hut is tops as far as I am concerned!

The next morning we went to Whole Foods to buy groceries. Oh my what an experience! I had forgotten what an adventure that store can be......I also forgot they are expensive. Label something as "organic" and the price goes up, waaaaay up! No way am I going to pay $1.99 a pound for carrots!!!! I couldn't find Iceberg lettuce, or Post Rasin Bran, or my New Orleans Community Coffee with Chicory, the lunch meat was $7 for 5 slices of turkey breast, etc, etc. So I paid for what I felt was a good buy and found Lloyd outside drinking coffee. We left and went back to the trailor. I told Lloyd I just couldn't buy groceries there. Heck, it would be cheaper to eat out every meal than to buy the ingredients there and cook them. Walmart and HEB here I come!

As Lloyd mentioned, we went to the Country Western Dance Club's monthly dance Friday night. We sure had a great time. But, most surprising was the reaction to my new 'do. Hey, it's hot, we dance a lot, and that much activity causes my hair to lay flat on my head from sweat (yes Gary, girls do sweat). So I got some industrial strength hair goop and ran it through my very curly hair to make it lay quitely against my head, and then put it in a pony tail. Put on some dangely earrings, and we went dancing. We walk in the door and no one recognizes me (except Al Sadok), no one! In fact one of my lady friends told me later they were all wondering who the girl was Lloyd was dancing with, and where was Peggy? I will post a picture later and see if you think I look that much different. Guess they were all used to my big hair. Lloyd and I had matching pony tails. I seemed to have gotten a bigger reaction from everyone than Lloyd did when he shaved his head bald.

Still settling in

We are still trying to adjust to having stuff at two different locations - here at Pecan Grove in downtown Austin and out at our place in Lago Vista. Already, this morning, there have been at least three times I have wanted something that was 30 miles from here.

We left here last Friday for the monthly dance in Lago Vista that evening. Had a great time dancing and visiting with all the Lago Vista folks. We sat with Bill and Jean Dunham and a couple from Georgetown who's names now escape me.

Back downtown and getting to know the neighbors this Sunday morning. If you want someone to talk to, you only have to stand around outside for a couple of minutes and you will be invited to visit for awhile.

Photos are coming soon, we promise! In fact, we would have some posted here now except that is one of the things I mentioned earlier that is 30 miles away - batteries for the camera. Wanted to take some photos of our walking route, and will do so, as soon as I retrieve the batteries.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Our New Home

Today is our first full day at our new residence in downtown Austin, Texas. We have been on the waiting list for a space in the Pecan Grove RV Park for the last four months. It is very difficult to get in here as it only has about 90 spaces and, as far as I am concerned, the best location of any RV park in the world. And, it is such a deal and is managed by just the nicest people in the world! Our $320 per month gets us a space including water, electric, and a good high speed connection - woo hoo!

We have been wanting to get a spot here soooooooo badly! I don't know if it helped or not but, over the last four months we have stopped by to inquire in person about once a week. Naturally, we used our secret weapon (Peggy) to do be our goodwill ambassador - who can say no to her? I have learned over the last quarter century the answer to that is "nobody."

Now, here we are! Right in the middle of the self proclaimed Live Music Capitol of the World. Everything we like to do is within walking distance - live music venues are all around, Zilker Park is a couple of blocks from here with its free Blues on the Green concerts, dozens of restaurants and coffee shops within a couple of blocks, and all punctuated with the most eclectic bunch of characters you could ever hope to meet. The area is a magnet for old hippies, college students, liberal thinkers and, shall we say, the alternative lifestyle.

We spent the day straightening up the place and going over to buy groceries. Whole Foods Market is just up the street and is always a fun place to shop. I believe we are supposed to meet a friend this afternoon for happy hour at Shady Grove.

Tomorrow, we are going to take our truck back out to our place in Lago Vista and exchange it for the Beetle. It will take up a lot less parking space on our small lot and, of course, use a lot less fuel. We feel a little self-conscious anyway, driving around in a full size four wheel drive in this part of town. We may still be in Texas but, there is very little evidence of that here.